Welcome to Spawtime Dog Grooming

Pawtime Indoor Dog Park offers dog grooming and is happy to introduce you to our team -

Brittni, Frankie & Baillie, our in-house Spawtime Dog Groomers!

Our team has years of experience to make sure your dog gets the best “Spaw” day ever!




Hi there, Here is a little introduction to myself.


I’ve known my whole life that I would work with animals in one way or another, and fortunately I found my calling in Grooming.


Big or small, long hair or short; I love each and every one, and their individual needs.




Hello Everyone,


I moved from the UK in Sept 2015, I started as a dog bather/groomer in May 2016, and have been fully certified

since Sept 2016. 


I Love dogs & always have, I have two guinea pigs, Grinny and Winnie, and a German short hair pointer named Logan.

I look forward to meeting all of you!



My name is Baillie and I’m super excited to join the SPaw time team!

I started my grooming journey as a bather in April 2013 and was a fully certified groomer in April 2014 and I have been grooming since!


I love being able to enjoy my passion of animals and creativity. Plus, who doesn’t love dog kisses?


I look forward to meeting everyone and their pups!



"Hi there!

I'm so excited to further expand my knowledge about dogs! In the past few years, I have voluntarily run a dog rescue, fostered dogs, worked at PawTime, and boarded dogs. Dogs and their well-being is so important to me, and thus I'm thrilled to be learning about grooming!

With the SpawTime girls as my mentors, I am now taking on dogs for nail trims and baths and blow outs. At this time, I am not yet ready to do hair cuts or trims of any type.

Next time your dog is needing some pampering, come say hi! -Deanndra"



Hello everyone! 


I am so excited to become part of the Spawtime team. I have always had a passion for providing care to animals and dog grooming provides just that. I started in this industry as a bather in 2018 and started apprenticing as a groomer in 2019. I look forward to perfecting the skills I have acquired and continue to learn more about this industry. 


Big and small, hairy or not I love all pups and I am ecstatic to have an opportunity to make your furry friends feel pampered, refreshed, and cared for.


I look forward to meeting all of you!


Dog grooming prices vary depending on the breed of dog, please contact our team for a quote.

Walk In

- Nail Trim

(clipped or dremeled) 
- 15-30 minutes of

brushing / de-matting 
- Face Trim 
- Ear Cleaning
- Teeth Brushing

Full Groom

Includes full bath

with premium shampoo

Complete brush out

Full body hair cut to desired length and style.

Bath & Tidy

Face, feet, sanitary clean up

Light tidying of fly aways on feathers, pants, and belly.

A quick clean up 

Bath & Brush Out

Bath with Premium shampoo

With Full brush out

Ears cleaned

Nails trimmed

Ask about our FUR-minator

Low Shed Add On!


Nail Trim

- Nail Trim

(clipped or dremeled) 

Teeth Brushing

Full dental scrub.

Ear Cleaning

Gentle and thorough cleaning of the ears.

Puppy Trim

Bring your puppy in for a trim to get them used to the experience.

E-mail :  pawtime2017@gmail.com

*Proof of Vaccinations Required